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60 years of quality products and services

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades manufactures, supplies, re-grinds, sharpens and reconditions industrial machine knives, industrial blades and related products for the Plastic / Recycling / Reclamation, Steel, Paper and Timber Industries.

Industrial blades used in the Recycling Industry

Super Chopper Blades: used in the process of recycling copper cable.
Rasper Blades: used in the process of electrical cable recycling.
Granulator Blades: used in the process of recycling plastic products / plastic scrap material.
Pellettizer Blades: used in the process of palletizing recycled and virgin plastic material.
Agglomerator Blades: used in the process of recycling waste plastic bag material.
Parrison Blades: used in the process of blow moulding as cut off blades.

Granulator Blades
Machine Blades, Machine Knives, Industrial Knives
Granulator Blades, Rasper Blades

Industrial blades and products used in the Steel Industry

Shear Blades, Cropper Blades, Bailer Press Blades, Guillotine Blades, Edge Trimmers, Slitter Knives, Spacers, Shims, Stripper Rings, Wear Plates, Pressbrake Tooling, Tool Clamps, etc.

Guillotine Blades
Press Brake Tooling
Slitter Knives
Cropper Blades

Machine knives and products used in the Paper Industry

Guillotine Knives, Reel Slitters, 3-Way Trimmers, Sheeter Knives, Circular Slitters, Folder Blades, Jogger Blocks, Cutting Sticks, etc.

Circular Slitters used in the Paper Industry
Circular Slitters used in the Paper Industry
3 Way Trimmers for the Paper Industry
Cutting Sticks

Blades and products used in the Timber Industry

Chipper Blades, Brush Chipper Blades, Hogger Blades, Counter Knives, Veneer Knives, Peeler Knives, Slicer Knives, Clipper Knives, Pressure Bars / Nose Bars / Anvils, Chipper Canters, Planer Blades, Wear and Protector Parts, Flaker Knives, Pressure Lips, Knife Holders, Wear Shoes, Beater Blades, Guide Rails, Clamping Ledges, etc.

Chipper Knives used in Timber Industry
Chipper Knives used in Timber Industry
Chipper Knives for Timber Industry

Specialised machine knives and products

In addition to the standard knives, we also manufacture any blade or knife to specifications from drawings and / or samples supplied by our customers.  Zanogen has accumulated a library of technical drawings since 1972, which contributes to our vast knowledge.  We have over 6000 drawings on our database as well as manufacturer specifications which ensures that your machine knives are made to the original specifications by Zanogen.

All our products are backed by an experienced technical and sales team

Blade Sharpening and reconditioning services

Granulator Blades and Machine Knives used in the Recycling IndsutryAs well as supplying new blades and cutting tools, we offer one of the most comprehensive reconditioning and sharpening services.  Our experienced and professional staff offer a high quality one stop precision grinding service by providing accurate re-grinding / sharpening of your knives.

Engineering services

Grind to tolerances of 5 to 15 microns depending on material and product.  Longest length we can grind is 7 m.
We have 7 milling machines.  Longest length we can mill is 3.8 m.

Heat Treatment in-house facilities

Heat treatment is used in most steel manufacturing applications to give the steel the strength and required properties that are needed, so that it will be suitable for the application it is intended for.  Our in house heat treatment plant ensures that we are able to guarantee that the transformation of the tool steel from austenite to marsenite is correct.  When grinding machine knives, heat is produced which changes the molecular structure of the steel and therefore its properties.  With our own heat treatment plant we can ensure that the blades leave our premises to the exacting quality we and our customers expect from our blades.

Delivery and collection service

We offer our customers in the Gauteng and Cape Town area’s a free delivery and collection service. 

Why choose Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades?

The Zanogen brand of machine knives has built a reputation for quality and the ability to perform the job that they were designed for.  With over sixty years experience in the manufacturing of machine knives, it is hard to beat our technical and manufacturing knowledge.

Our Company has grown consistently and is now headed by a young dynamic management team that has invested heavily in research and development.  The latest additions to our impressive machinery arrived last year from Japan and new team members have joined us to ensure we remain the market leader now and in the future.

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades are preferred Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M) suppliers and we presently export more that 15 containers a year to international manufacturers.

Our commitment to our existing and potential customers is our:

  • Priority to reduce manufacturing times, while focusing on our ultimate aim of customer satisfaction.

  • Zanogen Industrila Blades ManufacturerComplete in-house manufacturing process.

  • In-house heat treatment plant that ensures continuous quality control, as the work is not out sourced.

  • Largest and most advanced European machinery.

  • Expert advice.

  • Free site inspections and quotations.

  • Product planning and development to customer’s requirements.

  • Local and international service and delivery.

  • Ability to engineer and mill steel products.

  • Pressbrake Tooling manufacturing and refurbishing.

What gives a Zanogen Blade the leading edge

Double Zanogen (DZ) and Double Zanogen Shock Resistance (DZSR) are our unique tool steels that ensure our blades have outstanding wear and resistance - the two factors that ensure a superior machine knife.
We give you our commitment of quality, service and product support ensuring a lasting and loyal working relationship.
Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades offers a knife time guarantee.  Contact one of our dedicated Sales Representatives today. 

Zanogen Industrial Knives and Blades

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We are constantly striving to improve our products and services to our customers, as well as enhance our overall brand. This is to compliment the standard of professionalism we aspire to achieve worldwide. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Carrie-Anne Stone on